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Rotteveel, E. (author)
This research focuses on identifying the most important stern shape aspects, with regard to resistance and propulsion power, of inland ships. Such information should help designers to determine which hull form aspect to adjust in case design requirements need them to do so. The information is obtained by firstly conducting a large series of CFD...
doctoral thesis 2019
Rotteveel, E. (author), van der Ploeg, A (author), Hekkenberg, R.G. (author)
Shallow water effects change the flow around a ship significantly which can affect the optimum design of the hull. This paper describes a study into the optimization of the aft ship region for various water depths. The research focuses on variations of the following parameters of a hull form: The athwart ship’s propeller location, the tunnel top...
conference paper 2016
Rotteveel, E. (author), Hekkenberg, R.G. (author)
Effects of a hull form variation and shallow water on a 110-meter inland ship are presented as preliminary results of the Top Ships project, which is initiated in order to improve inland ship design tools and design guidelines.
conference paper 2015