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Derakhshani, S.M. (author), Schott, D.L. (author), Lodewijks, G. (author)
Dust emissions can have significant effects on the human health, environment and industry equipment. Understanding the dust generation process helps to select a suitable dust preventing approach and also is useful to evaluate the environmental impact of dust emission. To describe these processes, numerical methods such as Computational Fluid...
conference paper 2013
Ooms, G. (author), Pourquie, M.J.B.M. (author), Beerens, J.C. (author)
A numerical study has been made of horizontal core-annular flow: the flow of a high-viscosity liquid core surrounded by a low-viscosity liquid annular layer through a horizontal pipe. Special attention is paid to the question how the buoyancy force on the core, caused by a density difference between the core and the annular layer, is...
journal article 2013
Hoang, D.A. (author), Van Steijn, V. (author), Portela, L.M. (author), Kreutzer, M.T. (author), Kleijn, C.R. (author)
Modeling of low-Capillary number segmented flows in microchannels is important for the design of microfluidic devices. We present numerical validations of microfluidic flow simulations using the volume-of-fluid (VOF) method as implemented in OpenFOAM. Two benchmark cases were investigated to ensure the reliability of OpenFOAM in modeling complex...
conference paper 2012