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Marx, Philipp (author), Wanner, Andrea (author), Zhang, Zucong (author), Jin, H. (author), Tsekmes, I.A. (author), Smit, J.J. (author), Kern, Wolfgang (author), Wiesbrock, Frank (author)
Five types of nanofillers, namely, silica, surface-silylated silica, alumina, surface-silylated alumina, and boron nitride, were tested in this study. Nanocomposites composed of an epoxy/amine resin and one of the five types of nanoparticles were tested as dielectrics with a focus on (i) the surface functionalization of the nanoparticles and (ii...
contribution to periodical 2017
Jin, H. (author)
In many applications of high voltage engineering, electrical and thermal stresses increase due to an ongoing decrease of product dimensions. In particular, the electrical industry is interested in applying nanofluids in transformers to be able to decrease transformer size and weight. The requirement for nanofluids is to enhance the electrical...
doctoral thesis 2015