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Marx, Philipp (author), Wanner, Andrea (author), Zhang, Zucong (author), Jin, H. (author), Tsekmes, I.A. (author), Smit, J.J. (author), Kern, Wolfgang (author), Wiesbrock, Frank (author)
Five types of nanofillers, namely, silica, surface-silylated silica, alumina, surface-silylated alumina, and boron nitride, were tested in this study. Nanocomposites composed of an epoxy/amine resin and one of the five types of nanoparticles were tested as dielectrics with a focus on (i) the surface functionalization of the nanoparticles and (ii...
contribution to periodical 2017
Fimberger, M. (author), Tsekmes, I.A. (author), Kochetov, R. (author), Smit, J.J. (author), Wiesbrock, F. (author)
Poly(2-nonyl-2-oxazoline)80-stat-poly(2-dec-9?-enyl-2-oxazoline)20 and poly(2-dec-9?-enyl-2-oxazoline)100 can be synthesized from the cationic ring-opening polymerization of monomers that can be derived from fatty acids from renewable resources. These (co)poly(2-oxazoline)s can be crosslinked with di- and trifunctional mercapto compounds using...
journal article 2015
Jia, Y. (author), Luo, H. (author), Or, S.W. (author), Wang, Y. (author), Chan, H.L.W. (author)
Perovskite oxide Pb(Fe1/2Nb1/2)0.52Ti0.48O3 crystals, which were grown using a modified Bridgman method, show a high low-frequency dielectric constant response at room temperature. The Curie phase transition occurs at 523 K. The characteristic frequency of the dielectric dispersion versus the inverse of temperature obeys an Arrhenius relation,...
journal article 2009