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Van der Kolk, E. (author), De Haas, J.T.M. (author), Bos, A.J.J. (author), Van Eijk, C.W.E. (author), Dorenbos, P. (author)
A combined photoconductivity, absorption, and thermoluminescence study was performed to understand the absence of luminescence from Ce3+ in LaAlO3:Ce3+. It is demonstrated that the absence of luminescence is the result of Ce3+ ionization from the 5d excited states, which are all located in the conduction band. Ce3+ ionization is accompanied by...
journal article 2007
Van der Kolk, E. (author), Basun, S.A. (author), Imbusch, G.F. (author), Yen, W.M. (author)
Electron delocalization processes of optically excited states of Ce3+ impurities in Lu2SiO5 were investigated by means of a temperature and spectrally resolved photoconductivity study. By monitoring separately the strength of the photocurrent resulting from excitation into each of the Ce3+?5d absorption bands, over a broad temperature region,...
journal article 2003