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Holovchenko, A. (author)
This thesis describes the research directed towards practical realization of an on-chip biosensing technology and that of understanding charge transport mechanisms in organic and biological nanoobjects. For this, silicon-based chips with metallic nanoelectrodes were fabricated using electron-beam lithography and metal evaporation. The final...
doctoral thesis 2017
Patwardhan, S. (author)
The field of organic electronics has been thriving for the last decades due to growing commercial interest. One of the advantages of using organic materials as semiconductors is the possibility to tune their optoelectronic properties by modifying the chemical structure and organization of the building blocks. In this thesis, the properties of...
doctoral thesis 2011
Dekker, C. (author), Scholten, A.J. (author), Liefrink, F. (author), Eppenga, R. (author), Van Houten, H. (author), Foxon, C.T. (author)
journal article 1991