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Ter Horst, J.H. (author), Bedeaux, D. (author), Kjelstrup, S. (author)
Heat and mass transfers are coupled processes, also in nucleation. In principle, a nucleating cluster would have a different temperature compared to the surrounding supersaturated old phase because of the heat release involved with attaching molecules to the cluster. In turn a difference in temperature across the cluster surface is a driving...
journal article 2011
Glavatskiy, K.S. (author), Bedeaux, D. (author)
We present a theory that describes the transport properties of the interfacial region with respect to heat and mass transfer. Postulating the local Gibbs relation for a continuous description inside the interfacial region, we derive the description of the Gibbs surface in terms of excess densities and fluxes along the surface. We introduce...
journal article 2010
Deachapunya, S. (author), Stefanov, A. (author), Berninger, M. (author), Ulbricht, H. (author), Reiger, E. (author), Doltsinis, N.L. (author), Arndt, M. (author)
The authors present new measurements of thermal and electrical properties for two porphyrin derivatives. They determine their sublimation enthalpy from the temperature dependence of the effusive beam intensity. The authors study H2TPP and Fe(TPP)Cl in matter-wave interferometry. Both molecules have nearly equal de Broglie wavelengths but...
journal article 2007