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Molinari, A. (author), Gutiérrez, I. (author), Hulea, I.N. (author), Russo, S. (author), Morpurgo, A.F. (author)
The authors report a systematic study of the bias-dependent contact resistance in rubrene single-crystal field-effect transistors with Ni, Co, Cu, Au, and Pt electrodes. They show that the reproducibility in the values of contact resistance strongly depends on the metal, ranging from a factor of 2 for Ni to more than three orders of magnitude...
journal article 2007
Durkut, M. (author), Mas-Torrent, M. (author), Hadley, P. (author), Jonkheijm, P. (author), Schenning, A.P.H.J. (author), Meijer, E.W. (author), George, S. (author), Ajayaghosh, A. (author)
The electrical properties of supermolecular assemblies of oligo(p-phenylene vinylene) were studied. These materials self-assemble into well-defined cylindrical structures in solution with lengths in the range of 100?nm–10??m and diameters between 5 and 200?nm. Atomic force microscopy showed that by adjusting the concentration, either individual...
journal article 2006
Tans, S.J. (author), Miedema, R. (author), Geerligs, L.J. (author), Dekker, C. (author), Wu, J. (author), Wegner, G. (author)
journal article 1997