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Mondeel, Manouk (author)
<b>BACKGROUND - </b>The success of the mechanical thrombectomy treatment in acute ischemic stroke is highly dependent on mechanical clot behavior and characteristics like stiffness. This mechanical treatment is tested in clot analogs. Realistic clot analogs could potentially be made in a realistic formation environment. The effects of blood...
master thesis 2022
Meng, P. (author), Pham, Hong Liên (author), Pereira, S.F. (author), Urbach, Paul (author)
Lateral resolution enhancement is demonstrated in a confocal imaging system with amplitude-modulated radially polarized (RP) light at the wavelength Annular pupil fields and optimized amplitude distribution functions can be realized with a spatial light modulator. By comparing images obtained with full and amplitude modulated apertures of RP...
journal article 2020