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Tadema, J. (author), Theunissen, E. (author), Kirk, K.M. (author)
The research described in this paper explores the addition of conformally integrated traffic probes into an egocentric Synthetic Vision (SV) Primary Flight Display (PFD). The underlying thought is that, although the traffic that is predicted to cause a future loss of separation may not lie within the field of view of the display, the location...
conference paper 2010
Tadema, J. (author), Theunissen, E. (author), Lambregts, T. (author)
This paper addresses the design and implementation of a conceptual Enhanced/Synthetic Vision Primary Flight Display format. The goal of this work is to explore the means to provide the operator of a UAV with an integrated view of the constraints for the velocity vector, resulting in an explicit depiction of the margins/boundaries of the multi...
conference paper 2009
Tadema, J. (author), Theunissen, E. (author)
For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), autonomous forms of autoland are being pursued that do not depend on special, deployability restraining, ground-based equipment for the generation of the reference path to the runway. Typically, these forms of autoland use runway location data from an onboard database to generate the reference path to the...
conference paper 2008