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van Hooff, Sam (author)
The construction industry is the world’s largest consumer of raw materials (WorldEconomic Forum, 2016). The industry is also known for the large amounts of waste it produces.In the EU, one third of all waste is construction and demolition waste (European Commission,2019), and in the Netherlands, this type of waste accounts for almost one quarter...
master thesis 2021
Karamanou, Maria (author)
Dutch municipalities face the waste management problem of assets which are reaching their end of life cycle. This is why, they investigate ways to effectively tackle this issue, by simultaneously complying with the goal imposed by the Dutch government about 100% circular construction sector by 2050. As a preparatory step in the transition...
master thesis 2019
Gastaldi, D. (author), Canonico, F. (author)
Current concrete recycling consists of crushing waste concrete and use it again as aggregate for new concrete, according to specifications which are based on local regulations in different countries. Construction and demolition waste recycling is generally limited to the use of the coarser fraction as aggregate for new concrete. The quality of...
conference paper 2017