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Peng, D.L. (author), Wolff, Alexander (author), Haunert, Jan Henrik (author)
To provide users with maps of different scales and to allow them to zoom in and out without losing context, automatic methods for map generalization are needed. We approach this problem for land-cover maps. Given two land-cover maps at two different scales, we want to find a sequence of small incremental changes that gradually transforms one...
journal article 2021
Suba, R. (author), Meijers, B.M. (author), van Oosterom, P.J.M. (author)
Until now, road network generalization has mainly been applied to the task of generalizing from one fixed source scale to another fixed target scale. These actions result in large differences in content and representation, e.g., a sudden change of the representation of road segments from areas to lines, which may confuse users. Therefore, we aim...
journal article 2016