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Mortier, Lucas (author)
Dit rapport behandelt een wissel die geen bewegende delen bezit en hierdoor geen controle circuit nodig heeft. Het rapport bezit een analyse van verschillende bestaande wissels en wisselconcepten, beide in hoofdspoor en tramspoor, om een evaluatie te geven van elk concept. Op deze manier is bepaald of een zodanig "statische wissel" wenselijk is...
bachelor thesis 2022
Singh, G.D. (author), Mul, D.P.N. (author), Nemati, Hossein Mashad (author), Alavi, S.M. (author), de Vreede, L.C.N. (author)
This paper presents a low-loss load-insensitive Doherty power amplifier (DPA) technique. The proposed DPA is insensitive to ohmic load variation by adjusting its supply voltages and input drive of the main and peaking stages in a mirrored approach. Moreover, a low-loss tunable matching network (TMN) is employed to cancel out any reactive part of...
conference paper 2022
D'Ambrosio, Vasil (author), Dore, Eleonora (author), Di Blasi, Roberto (author), van den Broek, M.A. (author), Sudarsan, Suresh (author), Horst, Jolanda ter (author), Ambri, Francesca (author), Keasling, Jay D. (author), Mans, R. (author)
Engineering living cells for production of chemicals, enzymes and therapeutics can burden cells due to use of limited native co-factor availability and/or expression burdens, totalling a fitness deficit compared to parental cells encoded through long evolutionary trajectories to maximise fitness. Ultimately, this discrepancy puts a selective...
journal article 2020