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Yuan, K. (author), Knoop, V.L. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author)
On freeways, congestion always leads to capacity drop. This means the queue discharge rate is lower than the pre-queue capacity. Our recent research findings indicate that the queue discharge rate increases with the speed in congestion, that is the capacity drop is strongly correlated with the congestion state. Incorporating this varying...
journal article 2017
Calvert, S.C. (author), Snelder, M. (author), Taale, H. (author), Van Wageningen-Kessels, F.L.M. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author)
In this contribution a model-based analysis of the application of bounded acceleration in traffic flow is considered as a cause for the capacity drop. This is performed in a Lagrangian formulation of the kinematic wave model with general vehicle specific characteristics. Unconstrained overtaking is presumed, which allows a demonstration to be...
conference paper 2015
Yuan, Y. (author)
Road traffic is important to everybody in the world. People travel and commute everyday. For those who travel by cars (or other types of road vehicles), traffic congestion is a daily experience. One essential goal of traffic researchers is to reduce traffic congestion and to improve the whole traffic system operation and the environment. To...
doctoral thesis 2013