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Chakraborty, S.T. (author)
With increasing renewable energy and cross-sectoral electrification price volatility is increasing. Flexibility through demand-side management and electric storage has the potential for reducing price volatility. In this thesis, using duality theory the flexibility required for constraining price to a maximum limit is quantified. <br/...
doctoral thesis 2022
Wang, N. (author), Heijnen, P.W. (author), Verzijlbergh, R.A. (author), Kunneke, R.W. (author), Herder, P.M. (author)
Dutch regional municipalities increasingly take an active role in the transition to more sustainable and autonomous energy supply systems, using local energy sources like wind, solar and biomass. The ambition, on the one hand, concerns how an optimal local energy supply system can be designed such that local energy targets can be realized with...
abstract 2018
Scharpff, J.C.D. (author)
In this thesis we focus on implicit coordination for multi-agent planning problems. In such problems, agents are not able or willing to cooperate with each other and hence we need to perform pre-planning coordination in order to ensure that merging all their plans always results in a feasible joint plan. More specifically, we are interested in...
master thesis 2010