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Tsipa, Eirini (author), Iliopoulos, Giorgos (author), Post, Oliver (author), Aalders, Rianne (author)
The present report is the end result of the project that was carried out as part of the Geomatics Synthesis Project in cooperation with AllMaps, an open-source platform dedicated to the viewing and georeferencing of historic maps. The main objective of the project was to automatically georeference historic map series curated and digitised by the...
student report 2023
Phull, R. (author)
High speed feature point detection and tracking is very demanding for many realtime computer vision applications. In existing work, the commonly used feature point detection algorithms like Harris and KLT (Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi) and feature tracking algorithm (Pyramidal-KLT) were redesigned to increase the performance by reducing the algorithmic...
master thesis 2010