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Ando, Toshio (author), Bhamidimarri, Satya Prathyusha (author), Brending, Niklas (author), Colin-York, H. (author), Collinson, Lucy (author), De Jonge, Niels (author), De Pablo, P. J. (author), Debroye, Elke (author), Eggeling, Christian (author), Franck, Christian (author), Hoogenboom, J.P. (author), More Authors (author)
Developments in microscopy have been instrumental to progress in the life sciences, and many new techniques have been introduced and led to new discoveries throughout the last century. A wide and diverse range of methodologies is now available, including electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, small-angle x...
review 2018
Collinson, LM (author), Carroll, E.C.M. (author), Hoogenboom, J.P. (author)
Whilst a ‘resolution revolution’ has taken place at the macromolecular scale in both electron microscopy and light microscopy, a ‘volume revolution’ has taken place at the tissue and organism level in both imaging modalities. At both ends of the scale – resolution and volume – there are concerted efforts to link the information from light and...
journal article 2017