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Zhao, Changxu (author)
With the development of the fifth generation (5G) technologies and beyond, the requirements for future wireless communication systems become more stringent, which demand novel antenna design at millimetre waves. The most commonly proposed array topology for 5G usage is square 8x8 or 16x16 microstrip patches with the full digital beam-forming...
master thesis 2023
Roederer, A.G. (author), Puskely, J. (author), Aslan, Y. (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author)
This paper discusses the advantages and an example of using shaped elevation patterns for 5G base stations. A simple iterative power synthesis method involving the phase of shaped patterns, and suitable for both center- and end-fed sub-arrays, is used. Numerical simulations and some experimental results for an array of linear sub-arrays with...
conference paper 2021