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Combet, V. (author), Genoud, S.F. (author)
We establish the classification of minimal mass blow-up solutions of the L2 critical inhomogeneous nonlinear Schrödinger equation i?tu+?u+|x|?b|u|4?2bNu=0, thereby extending the celebrated result of Merle (Duke Math J 69(2):427–454, 1993) from the classic case b=0 to the case 0 journal article 2016
Wiegmans, B. (author), Konings, J.W. (author), Priemus, H. (author)
The economic importance of accommodating container transport and the increasing demand for container-handling capacity are major triggers for conventional ports to develop container terminals. The port of Vlissingen, located between Rotterdam and Antwerp, is aspiring to gain a position in deep-sea container handling. A relevant factor that...
journal article 2009
Meijers, E.J. (author)
This thesis focuses on relationships between cities in Polycentric Urban Regions (PURs), which are regions containing proximate but distinct cities that are rather similar in size. A classic example is the Randstad. The extent to which there are synergies between cities in PURs is explored. The author develops theories on synergy in PURs and...
doctoral thesis 2007