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Kaji, A.O. (author)
The objective of this thesis is to investigate the role of different hydrodynamic and morphological factors influencing sediment transport patterns at the Sand Motor in order to give insight in processes controlling the short-term sand bar morphodynamics and the long term development of the Sand Motor. The work presents an analysis of the...
master thesis 2013
Hoonhout, B.M. (author), Den Heijer, C. (author)
The dune assessment methods used to ensure the safety of the lower areas in The Netherlands are based on simple empirical relations that are, strictly speaking, only valid for infinitely long, uniform and straight coasts. The wide application of these relations is mainly justified due to intentional overestimation of the expected dune erosion....
conference paper 2010
Hoonhout, B.M. (author)
The most densely populated and economical most valuable areas in The Netherlands lie below mean sea level. These areas are protected against the sea by a joint coastal dune system. The vital importance of this dune system is reflected in the extensive collection of Dutch legal regulations that ensure the safety level of the dunes. The assessment...
master thesis 2009