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Wanhill, R.J.H. (author), Schra, L. (author), 't Hart, W.G.J. (author)
New impetus to continued use of alximinium alloys in major structural areas of aircraft has been given by the development of aluminium-lithium alloys. However, qualification of these new materials for service requires extensive testing and evaluation, preferably in international cooperative programmes. The evaluation of aluminium-lithium alloys...
report 1989
Wanhill, R.J.H. (author), Jongebreur, A.A. (author), Morgan, E. (author), Moolhuijsen, E.J. (author)
Flight simulation fatigue crack propagation tests on single and double element lugs made from 2024-T351 and TOT5-TT351 aluminium alloys and Ti-6AJ.-UV titanium alloy were carried out. Initial damage was a throughthickness notch at one side of each hole in one element. Results showed that crack propagation lives for double element lugs were much...
report 1981