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Huang, Xin (author)
Danwei housing is a typical and common residential type in Chinese cities. The radical social structure changing and urban development after the Economic Reform have influenced these old neighborhoods and even restructured them from all aspects. This thesis has looked into the current social, economic, and spatial transformation surrounding...
master thesis 2017
Lin, H. (author)
Nowadays, many Chinese cities like Shenzhen are experiencing intense spatial transformation. Downgrading neighbourhoods are being replaced by high-end housing, shopping malls and office in order to promote economic growth. The former socialist public housing is one of the redevelopment hot spots. However, such land-based development focuses on...
master thesis 2014
Wu, X. (author)
A major feature of China’s urban transformation was the breakdown of the danwei system and the consequent efforts at community development and community building. Chinese post-danwei community has become a meeting ground for citizen activities, business organization involvement and party-state intervention. No longer just a supplementary...
master thesis 2013