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Van Os, M. (author)
Agent-based modelling is a popular and suitable tool for exploring the possible states of so-called socio-technical systems. These systems consist of both technical artefacts (the physical infrastructure, e.g. pipelines), and many social artefacts (relevant actors and institutions, e.g. end-users and governments), which are intertwined with each...
master thesis 2012
van der Voordt, Theo (author), de Been, I. (author), Maarleveld, M. (author)
This chapter discusses possible aims, tools and deliverables of Post-Occupancy Evaluations (POE) (otherwise known as building-in-use studies), with a focus on interventions in supporting facilities. POE has a long tradition and has been applied in different fields (e.g. offices, educational buildings, health care facilities, retail and leisure,...
book chapter 2012