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de Boer, A. (author), Ellenbroek, M.H.M. (author)
A description is given of the second problem, a clamped-free truss structure, defined in the GARTEUR Action Group 11. The measured and calculated modal data of the structure are correlated, the locations of the errors are determined and finally the finite element model of the structure is updated. These analyses are performed with the B2000...
report 1990
Hounjet, M.H.L. (author)
A description is given of the method CAR88 for the calculation of steady and time-linearized unsteady subsonic and supersonic flow about complex 2-D and 3-D configurations. The method belongs to the category of the socalled panel methods. Results of applications in supersonic flow are shown which have been made to a 2-D oscillating flat plate, a...
report 1988
van der Vooren, J. (author), van der Kolk, J.T. (author), Slooff, J.W. (author)
A description will be presented of a computer program system that is being used for the prediction of aircraft steady aerodynamic characteristics. Properties of the system are described from two different viewpoints. One is that of the aerodynamic designer, who needs an information system to predict lift, moment and drag characteristics and to...
report 1982