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Draws, T.A. (author), Inel, O. (author), Tintarev, N. (author), Baden, Christian (author), Timmermans, Benjamin (author)
Research in the area of human information interaction (HII) typically represents viewpoints on debated topics in a binary fashion, as either against or in favor of a given topic (e.g., the feminist movement). This simple taxonomy, however, greatly reduces the latent richness of viewpoints and thereby limits the potential of research and...
conference paper 2022
Draws, T.A. (author), Liu, Jody (author), Tintarev, N. (author)
Support or opposition concerning a debated claim such as abortion should be legal can have different underlying reasons, which we call perspectives. This paper explores how opinion mining can be enhanced with joint topic modeling, to identify distinct perspectives within the topic, providing an informative overview from unstructured text. We...
conference paper 2021