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van der Walle, P (author), Kramer, E. (author), van der Donck, J.C.J. (author), Mulckhuyse, W (author), Nijsten, L. (author), Bernal Arango, F.A. (author), de Jong, A. (author), van Zeijl, E. (author), Spruit, H. E.T. (author), van den Berg, J.H. (author), Nanda, G. (author), van Langen-Suurling, A.K. (author), Alkemade, P.F.A. (author), Pereira, S.F. (author), Maas, D.J. (author)
Particle defects are important contributors to yield loss in semi-conductor manufacturing. Particles need to be detected and characterized in order to determine and eliminate their root cause. We have conceived a process flow for advanced defect classification (ADC) that distinguishes three consecutive steps; detection, review and...
conference paper 2017
Bouwens, MAJ (author), Maas, D (author), van der Donck, JCJ (author), Alkemade, P.F.A. (author), van der Walle, P (author)
To qualify tools of semiconductor manufacturing, particles unintentionally deposited in these tools are character-ized using blank wafers. With fast optical inspection tools one can quickly localize these particle defects. An ex-ample is TNO's Rapid Nano, which operates in optical darkfield. The next step is defect review for further...
journal article 2016
Sadeghian Marnani, H. (author), Van den Dool, T.C. (author), Crowcombe, W.E. (author), Herfst, R.W. (author), Winters, J. (author), Kramer, G.F.I.J. (author), Koster, N.B. (author)
With the device dimensions moving towards the 1X node, the semiconductor industry is rapidly approaching the point where 10 nm defects become critical. Therefore, new methods for improving the yield are emerging, including inspection and review methods with sufficient resolution and throughput. Existing industrial tools cannot anymore fulfill...
conference paper 2014