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Ma, Jiliang (author), van Ommen, J.R. (author), Liu, Daoyin (author), Mudde, R.F. (author), Chen, Xiaoping (author), Pan, Suyang (author), Liang, Cai (author)
The increase of inter-particle cohesive force greatly changes the fluidization dynamics, finally leading to the partial or complete failure of fluidization. However, few studies concern such transition process. This paper investigates the fluidization dynamics of Geldart B particles with a wide-range of cohesive force by analyzing the in-bed...
journal article 2019
Christodoulou, C. (author), Tsekos, C. (author), Tsalidis, G.A. (author), Fantini, M. (author), Panopoulos, K.D. (author), De Jong, W. (author), Kakaras, E. (author)
Few tests have been carried out in order to evaluate the use of cardoon in gasification and combustion applications most of the researchers dealt with agglomeration problems. The aim of this work is to deal with the agglomeration problem and to present a solution for the utilization of this biofuel at a near industrial application scale. For...
journal article 2014