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Laas, B.T. (author)
Sea ports are undergoing a digital transformation, which can offer benefits for many involved stakeholders in the logistic chain. In order to stay relevant, Port of Rotterdam (PoR) should invest in developing new port infrastructure; digital connections that facilitate data exchange between logistic chain stakeholders. A strategic digital...
master thesis 2020
Manrique, Sebastián (author)
This report explores the topic of ‘designing for trust in blockchain solutions’ as part of the technology’s adoption by clients of Cognizant. The result is a game that provides clients with a first insight into the new form of trust relationships that blockchain brings. <br/><br/>In recent years blockchain has gotten attention from public,...
master thesis 2018
Vermaas, P.E. (author), Tan, Y.H. (author), Van den Hoven, J. (author), Burgemeestre, B. (author), Hulstijn, J. (author)
In this paper, we consider the meaning, roles, and uses of trust in the economic and public domain, focusing on the task of designing systems for trust in information technology. We analyze this task by means of a survey of what trust means in the economic and public domain, using the model proposed by Lewicki and Bunker, and using the emerging...
journal article 2010