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Orbey, B. (author)
This study aims to understand whether time restriction along with a ‘situational influence on creativity’ can act as a catalyst to speed up unique design alternative generation when digital media is being used compared to sketching. In order to achieve this, an experiment with undergraduate architectural design students is conducted. The results...
conference paper 2013
Stellingwerff, M.C. (author)
This research initiative addresses the issue of Design in relation to Virtual Context. Central to this study are the innovative potentials and instrumental opportunities of computer based media techniques, capable of generating interactive models and changing perspectives for the benefit of urban and architectural design. The ambition was to not...
doctoral thesis 2005
Zreik, K. (author), Stouffs, R. (author), Tunçer, B. (author), Ozsariyildiz, S. (author), Beheshti, R. (author)
conference paper 2003