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Sinitsova, Jana (author)
Youth care in the Netherlands has faced quite some problems in the past years. It is organised only by adults who mostly have nothing to do with it, and it shows — both youth care workers and youth themselves have had enough. Every solution to the youth care problem in the Netherlands leads to new problems, making it a wicked problem which does...
master thesis 2021
Mulder, I. (author), Jaśkiewicz, T.J. (author), Morelli, Nicola (author)
Along with the urgent need to reinvent our society, a series of paradigm shifts are already shaping transitions toward a more participatory and digital society. The current work takes stock of the promise of open data as a new resource and elaborates upon the maker movement, which has spurred people’s capacity to participate and has provided...
journal article 2019
Mulder, I. (author)
Mundane cities are challenged to design for unpredictable and rapidly changing futures. In the current work, we refer to thesechallenges as a collaborative design challenge and explore how co-creative partnerships can enable a participatory turn by establishinga new social infrastructure. The corresponding citizen-centred design approach offers...
journal article 2018