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Heinen, Yade (author)
In the future, the digital environment is increasingly determining how we are living together. Both young and old are being challenged in preparing themselves for a world they do not know yet. Children are growing up in a faster changing world than their parents, increasing the tension between parents and children in how they perceive the world...
master thesis 2022
Poplin, Alenka (author), de Andrade, Bruno (author), Mahmud, Shoaib (author)
This paper explores tangible and intangible characteristics of places. It concentrates on gathering characteristics, emotions, memories and stories related to self-selected evocative places in a city. Evocative places are defined as places that evoke images, memories or emotions. There are two goals identified for this article. The first goal is...
book chapter 2021
Mulder, I. (author), Jaśkiewicz, T.J. (author), Morelli, Nicola (author)
Along with the urgent need to reinvent our society, a series of paradigm shifts are already shaping transitions toward a more participatory and digital society. The current work takes stock of the promise of open data as a new resource and elaborates upon the maker movement, which has spurred people’s capacity to participate and has provided...
journal article 2019