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Beikmirza, M.R. (author)
The demand for faster mobile access and higher data throughput drives the evolution of wireless cellular communication, requiring larger modulation bandwidths and higher-order modulations and necessitating more efficient and flexible transmitter systems.<br/>Simultaneously, the advancements in nano-scale CMOS technologies have made transistors...
doctoral thesis 2023
Shen, Y. (author), Bootsman, R.J. (author), Alavi, S.M. (author), de Vreede, L.C.N. (author)
This article presents a wideband 2× 12 -bit direct-digital RF modulator (DDRM) operating in a 0.5-to-3-GHz band for 5G transmitters. The proposed digital Cartesian modulator features an advanced IQ-mapping technique to boost RF power by 3 dB and suppress the I/Q image. To verify the proposed concept, a 40-nm CMOS prototype is implemented...
journal article 2022
Shen, Y. (author)
This thesis focuses on digital-intensive up-converters for sub-6GHz wireless communication. Nowadays, wireless cellular communication is entering its 5th generation (5G), driven by the demand for faster mobile access and higher data throughput. 5G utilizes larger modulation bandwidths, higher-order modulations, and (many) more transmitters and...
doctoral thesis 2021