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Kamath, S. (author), Padding, J.T. (author), Buist, K. A. (author), Kuipers, J. (author)
A stochastic Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method has been extended for handling bubble-bubble and bubble-wall collisions. Bubbly flows are generally characterized by highly correlated velocities due to presence of the surrounding liquid. The DSMC method has been improved to account for these kind of correlated collisions along with a...
journal article 2018
La Torre, F. (author)
A new satellite philosophy, developed during the last two decades, suggests to make satellites smaller and lighter rather than bigger and heavier. In other words, large (?m3), single system satellites are being replaced by ?eets of small (?dm3), so-called micro-satellites. Future developmentsmay result in swarms ofmicro satellites ?ying through...
doctoral thesis 2011
Utzmann, J. (author), Munz, C.D. (author)
This paper advances the idea of a heterogeneous domain decomposition for Computational Aeroacoustics (CAA). Direct simulations of aeroacoustic problems are accelerated by sub-dividing the computational domain into smaller domains. In each of these sub-domains the equations, the discretization, the mesh and the time step may be different and are...
conference paper 2006