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van der Eb, J.W. (author), Veeger, H.E.J. (author), de Koning, Jos (author)
Speed skates are the most important part of equipment of a speed skater, where weight, rocker and bend are just a few characteristics that are to a high degree individualized. This poses a challenge for any type of research in speed skating where forces have to be measured in a reliable manner. For this purpose, a 5 degrees of freedom (DoF)...
journal article 2019
van der Eb, J.W. (author), Mossink, H. (author), Kiel, Esther (author), Geraets, Sjoerd (author), Veeger, H.E.J. (author), Beek, Peter Jan (author)
For feedback to be effective, we must first identify relevant performance indicators for speed skating. We instrumented the skating of 10 junior elite Dutch speed skaters with two inertial measurement units during two competition events. Contact time, stroke frequency and other parameters were derived from collected IMU data and related to...
journal article 2018