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Wijnands, Ruben (author)
In recent years, the increase in brain research led to the development of large-scale brain imaging techniques. With large-scale brain imaging techniques, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), functional connectivity analyses have shown altered connectivity patterns in humans and mice with neurobiological disorders, such as...
master thesis 2022
Tewarie, Prejaas (author), Prasse, B. (author), Meier, Jil (author), Mandke, Kanad (author), Warrington, Shaun (author), Stam, Cornelis J (author), Brookes, Matthew J. (author), Van Mieghem, P.F.A. (author), Sotiropoulos, Stamatios N. (author), Hillebrand, Arjan (author)
How temporal modulations in functional interactions are shaped by the underlying anatomical connections remains an open question. Here, we analyse the role of structural eigenmodes, in the formation and dissolution of temporally evolving functional brain networks using resting-state magnetoencephalography and diffusion magnetic resonance...
journal article 2022
Yang, Y. (author), Qiu, Y. (author), Schouten, A.C. (author)
journal article 2015