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Zhao, Xinyan (author)
The discontinuities of urban development and city expansion reveal Haizhu a fragmented and diverse area that results in disparity and isolation in different communities and social groups, and decreasing green and blue spaces. The objective of this thesis is to create an integrated and comprehensive socio-ecological network in terms of corridor...
master thesis 2020
Hara, Y. (author), Hooimeijer, F.L. (author), Nijhuis, S. (author), Ryu, M. (author), Van Timmeren, A. (author)
In the Osaka area in the 1880s, rice was grown mostly in dry fields in upland areas, and a few paddy fields were situated on the natural wet landforms along the major rivers and streams on the Osaka Plain. As the area developed, dry fields became irrigated, and the lowland fields were filled and converted to urban land uses. For the Osaka city...
journal article 2014