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Surehali, Sahil (author), Singh, Avishreshth (author), Biligiri, Krishna Prapoorna (author)
Although multiple studies have reviewed the mechanical, durability, and acoustic characteristics of rubberized concrete (RC) mixtures, very limited studies have focused on a comprehensive collation of literature pertaining to their environmental, economic, and field implementation aspects. Therefore, this paper presented the state-of-the-art...
journal article 2023
Pryce, David (author), Alsharrah, Fatemah (author), Khalil, Ahmed M.E. (author), Kapelan, Z. (author), Memon, Fayyaz A. (author)
Emerging contaminants (ECs) continue to threaten our fragile ecosystem, yet their mitigation remains limited by economic factors. Meanwhile, a relatively expensive material, Graphene Oxide (GO), has shown promise as a solution for EC removal following further development into three graphene-based materials (GBMs): Porous graphene adsorbent ...
journal article 2022
Astiaso Garcia, D. (author), Barbanera, F. (author), Cumo, F. (author), De Matteo, U. (author), Nastasi, B. (author)
Among the several typologies of storage technologies, mainly on different physical principles (mechanical, electrical and chemical), hydrogen produced by power to gas (P2G) from renewable energy sources complies with chemical storage principle and is based on the conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy by means of the electrolysis...
journal article 2016