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Klaassen, R.G. (author), van Dijk, M.B. (author), Hoope, Roald (author), Ceulemans, D.S. (author), Kamp, A. (author), Jacobs, M.A.F.M. (author), van der Sanden, M.C.A. (author)
In this paper, we present a vision on how engineers can play different roles in future society 2030. First we predicted how society in the Netherlands (in relation to Europe and the rest of the world) is going to develop and how future engineers will behave, act and take their position in this future world. We used the ‘Vision in Design’...
conference paper 2018
Kamp, A. (author), Klaassen, R.G. (author)
Over the last couple of decades the world around us has changed at a dizzying pace by the globalisation and digitalisation, the horizontalisation of the socio-economic world, and the blending of technical, economical and societal cultures. The ways we communicate, work, play, travel and do business have changed dramatically, and are expected to...
conference paper 2016