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Jokic, I. (author)
The concept of a network, defined as a collection of interconnected nodes or entities, has become a foundation for a new field of inquiry, namely network science. Despite the apparent simplicity of the concept, the pairwise representation of interconnecting nodes has enabled a plethora of insights into the structure of networks and the effects...
doctoral thesis 2023
Predari, Maria (author), Berner, Lukas (author), Kooij, Robert (author), Meyerhenke, Henning (author)
The total effective resistance, also called the Kirchhoff index, provides a robustness measure for a graph G. We consider two optimization problems of adding k new edges to G such that the resulting graph has minimal total effective resistance (i.e., is most robust)—one where the new edges can be anywhere in the graph and one where the new...
journal article 2023
Devriendt, Karel (author)
As new technologies continue to find their way into everyday life, the world becomes more and more connected. Airplanes and other means of transportation provide global connections in the physical world, while the omnipresence of the Internet means that information is shared around the globe, easier than ever before. But not only these man-made...
master thesis 2017