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Van der Niet, R.T. (author)
The generation of a split-frequency is inherent to heterodyne displacement interferometry. Currently this split-frequency is predominantly generated by either acousto-optic modulators (AOM), Zeeman-lasers (ZL), or a combination. Both techniques have their drawbacks, e.g. AOM have a limited bandwidth and are optically inefficient due to a loss of...
master thesis 2015
Van der Valk, N.C.J. (author), Planken, P.C.M. (author)
We report on a method to obtain a subwavelength resolution in terahertz time-domain imaging. In our method, a sharp copper tip is used to locally distort and concentrate the THz electric field. The distorted electric field, present mainly in the near field of the tip, is electro-optically measured in an (100) oriented GaP crystal. By raster...
journal article 2002