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Wondrak, T. (author), Hampel, U. (author), Ratajczak, M. (author), Glavinic, I. (author), Stefani, F. (author), Eckert, S. (author), Van Der Plas, D. (author), Pennerstorfer, P. (author), Soleimani, M. (author), Blishchik, A. (author), Kenjeres, S. (author)
In continuous casting, the flow structure of the liquid steel in the mould and the two-phase distribution in the submerged entry nozzle (SEN) are crucial for the quality of the produced steel. In order to effectively control the flow in the mould by electromagnetic brakes (EMBrs) and the injection of gas into the SEN, even a rough knowledge...
journal article 2018
Kalter, R. (author)
In continuous steel casting, liquid steel flows turbulently through a submerged nozzle into a thin, vertical mould. In the mould the liquid steel is cooled, such that it solidifies and plate steel is formed. On top of the liquid steel in the mould, a slag layer is present and due to the turbulent behavior of the flow, particles and droplets from...
doctoral thesis 2015