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Wang, Xiangwen (author)
Increasing wireless communication requirements of data rates, capacity and coverage, and evolution and maturation of wireless equipment prompt wireless communication research insight concentrating on millimeter wave (mm-wave) frequency. However, high reflection coefficients and high path loss cause large shadow areas (e.g. behind the buildings)...
master thesis 2023
Stumpf, Martin (author), Antonini, Giulio (author), Lager, I.E. (author), Vandenbosch, Guy A.E. (author)
The pulsed EM-field signal transfer between two co-planar small-loop antennas located on a half-space with dielectric and conductive properties is analyzed analytically with the help of the Cagniard-DeHoop technique and the Schouten-Van der Pol theorem. The analysis yields a closed-form time-domain expression for the open-circuit voltage...
journal article 2019
Westerveld, W.J. (author), Leinders, S.M. (author), Van Dongen, K.W.A. (author), Urbach, H.P. (author), Yousefi, M. (author)
Marcatili's famous approximate analytical description of light propagating through rectangular dielectric waveguides, published in 1969, gives accurate results for low-index-contrast waveguides. However, photonic integrated circuit technology has advanced to high-index-contrast (HIC) waveguides. In this paper, we improve Marcatili's model by...
journal article 2012