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Beckerle, Philipp (author), Kõiva, Risto (author), Kirchner, Elsa Andrea (author), Bekrater-Bodmann, Robin (author), Dosen, Strahinja (author), Christ, Oliver (author), Abbink, D.A. (author), Castellini, Claudio (author), Lenggenhager, Bigna (author)
The feeling of embodiment, i.e., experiencing the body as belonging to oneself and being able to integrate objects into one's bodily self-representation, is a key aspect of human self-consciousness and has been shown to importantly shape human cognition. An extension of such feelings toward robots has been argued as being crucial for...
journal article 2018
Pourtalebi Hendehkhaleh, S. (author)
Cyber-physical systems are complex trans-disciplinary systems. Designing this kind of systems requires cooperation of several groups of experts with various backgrounds such as mechatronics and robotics, software engineering, data management, knowledge engineering, system on a chip, embedded systems, humans and systems interaction, and social...
doctoral thesis 2017
Leret, Susana Camara (author), Visch, V.T. (author)
The study presented is a research through design of the motivational, story sharing effects of smell, within the context of addiction care. This investigation led to the co-design of the Smell Memory Kit: a kit using eight selected smells as motivational elements to evoke and share autobiographical episodic stories among addiction care...
journal article 2017
Pourtalebi Hendehkhaleh, S. (author), Horvath, I. (author)
The main assumption is that complicated systems, such as cyberphysical systems (CPSs), can be modelled by specific compositions of system manifestation features (SMFs). SMFs are regarded as architectural domains of a system having significance from an operational viewpoint. As system modelling entities, SMFs represent both physical and computing...
journal article 2016
van Bekkum, Michael A. (author), Krieger, Hans-Ulrich (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author), Kaptein, F.C.A. (author), Kiefer, Bernd (author), Peters, R.M. (author), Racioppa, Stefania (author)
The PAL project1 is developing an embodied conversational agent (robot and its avatar), and applications for child-agent activities that help children from 8 to 14 years old to acquire the required knowledge, skills, and attitude for adequate diabetes selfmanagement. Formal and informal caregivers can use the PAL system to enhance their...
conference paper 2016
Koonath Surendran, S. (author), Rolvink, A. (author), Coenders, J.L. (author), Welleman, J.W. (author), Den Hollander, J.P. (author), Hoekstra Bonnema, B. (author)
About 40-50% of global raw materials are currently used in the building industry in the assembly/construction phase and in the use phase of the building and are responsible for 40-45% of total worldwide anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions (Huovila [5]). These problems have led to the development of legislative policies, regulations and...
conference paper 2015
Loussos, P. (author), Konstantinou, T. (author), Van den Dobbelsteen, A.A.J.F. (author), Bokel, R. (author)
The existing building stock has been in the focus of European Union policies for energy savings. Nevertheless, energy certification schemes refer mostly to operational energy and usually do not consider aspects related to the life cycle of the building. To look at the overall energy cost during the lifespan of a building, the energy used to...
journal article 2015
Van der Zwaan, J.M. (author)
Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in employing Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs) as companions or coaches. These roles are typically performed by humans and require exhibiting certain social behaviors, such as providing social support. For interactions between users and coaching or companion ECAs to become truly social,...
doctoral thesis 2014
Kamerling, M.W. (author)
The structural efficiency of arches, subjected to several variable loads, can be increased by strengthening these arches with cables. For these structures it can be necessary, especially in case the permanent load is small, to post-tension the cables to avoid any compression acting on the cables. A method to analyse the load transfer is...
conference paper 2013
Van der Zwaan, J.M. (author), Geraerts, E. (author), Dignum, V. (author), Jonker, C.M. (author)
People are able to comfort others by talking about their problems. In our research, we are exploring whether computers can provide social support in a similar manner. Recently, we proposed a design for an empathic virtual buddy that supports victims of cyberbullying. To validate our approach in providing social support and to gather feedback...
book chapter 2012
Read, S.A. (author)
This commentary on Søren Riis’s paper “Dwelling in-betweenwalls” starts from a position of solidarity with its attempt to build a postphenomenological perspective on architecture and the built environment. It proposes however that a clearer view of a technological structure of experience may be obtained by finding technological-perceptual wholes...
journal article 2011
Riddlestone, S. (author), Hersey, J. (author), Lazarus, N. (author), Feehily, P. (author), Gaventa, J. (author)
How can London reduce its consumption based carbon dioxide emissions by 90% by 2050? The Capital Consumption report has modelled one scenario, based on expert research, to show how this can be achieved in the city. This paper will present the findings of the report. Capital consumption aims to create an evidence base on the climate impacts of...
conference paper 2010
Voogd-Claessen, H. (author), Van Bladel, C. (author), Van Daalen, T. (author), Dekkers, B. (author), Elwick, R. (author), Mulder, F. (author), Nachmany, G. (author)
Rowing is a sport which requires a proper technique, strong core balance, physical strength and endurance. Rowing boats designed for competition are built of epoxy laminate with glass or carbon reinforcement; they are lightweight, stiff, long, and narrow to achieve minimal water resistance. However, this makes them extremely unstable and...
journal article 2010
Van Rompay, T.J.L. (author)
EXPRESSIONS: EMBODIMENT IN THE EXPERIENCE OF DESIGN Products are not just objects by means of which we get things done. Apart from bringing aesthetic pleasures, for instance, they may also embody values we hold dear, communicate our fine taste to others, and help us define who we are. These widely varying functionalities are rooted in our...
doctoral thesis 2005
Searched for: subject:"embodiment"
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