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Raji, B. (author), Tenpierik, M.J. (author), van den Dobbelsteen, A.A.J.F. (author)
Decisions made at early stages of the design are of the utmost importance for the energy-efficiency of buildings. Wrong decisions and design failures related to a building’s general layout, shape, façade transparency or orientation can increase the operational energy tremendously. These failures can be avoided in advance through simple changes...
journal article 2017
Scheepmaker, G.M. (author), Goverde, R.M.P. (author)
An important topic to reduce the energy consumption in railways is the use of energy-efficient train control (EETC). Modern trains allow regen-erative braking where the released kinetic energy can be reused. This regener-ative braking has an effect on the optimal driving regimes compared to trains which can only use mechanical braking. This...
conference paper 2015
Yang, S. (author)
In most types of networks (e.g., optical or transportation networks), finding one or more best paths from a source to a destination, is one of the biggest concerns of network users and providers. This process is known as routing. The routing problems differ accordingly depending on different application scenarios with their respective routing...
doctoral thesis 2015