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Mehta, D. (author), Zhang, Y. (author), van Zuijlen, A.H. (author), Bijl, H. (author)
Despite advances in turbulence modelling, the Smagorinsky model remains a popular choice for large eddy simulation (LES) due to its simplicity and ease of use. The dissipation in turbulence energy that the model introduces, is proportional to the Smagorinsky constant, of which many different values have been proposed. These values have been...
journal article 2019
Mehta, D. (author)
This thesis concerns the industrial application of large eddy simulation to wind farm aerodynamics. Through a series of simple tests, it presents the pros and cons of using energy-conserving time integration and furthers the importance of a dissipation-free spatial discretisation. Finally, it demonstrates the capability of the Energy-Conserving...
doctoral thesis 2016