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Pelka, S. (author), Conradie, Peter (author), De Vries, Laurens (author), Anatolitis, Vasilios (author), Martens, Emma (author), Chappin, E.J.L. (author), Karaliopoulos, Merkouris (author), Anagnostopoulos, Filippos (author), Preuß, Sabine (author)
Prosumers with photovoltaic systems can reduce their electricity expenses by increasing their consumption of self-generated electricity. This makes them more resilient to price shocks, like the 2022 European energy crisis. We evaluate how prosumers adapt their consumption behavior in response to such political uncertainty and increasing...
conference paper 2023
Van den Dobbelsteen, A.A.J.F. (author), Keeffe, G. (author), Tillie, N.M.J.D. (author)
Various sources indicate that threats to modern cities lie in the availability of essential streams, among which energy. Most cities are strongly reliant on fossil fuels; not one case of a fully self-sufficient city is known. Engineering resilience is the rate at which a system returns to a single steady or cyclic state following a perturbation....
conference paper 2013