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Wang, N. (author)
The pledge for a carbon-free energy system in 2050 requires significant investments into renewable energy sources (RES). The relevant questions are: what technologies to select, where to build them, how much the capacities are, and at what cost. In order to answer these techno-economic questions, optimization models are commonly used to sketch a...
doctoral thesis 2022
Moultak, Marissa (author)
The energy transition requires significant investments in new power generation, storage, and transmission technology to achieve emission reduction targets while ensuring a stable supply of electricity. However, the increasingly complex, uncertain nature of the power system creates challenges for investors and requires advanced research and...
master thesis 2021
Torres Sanchez, Luiscarlos (author)
The urgent transition to other forms of energy production, delivery and consumption has induced investments in new technologies such as renewable energy sources, storage units and demand response programs. Investments in these assets represent long-term commitments (e.g. 40 years ahead) from civil society, governmental institutions and capital...
master thesis 2020