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Sattari, R. (author), van Zeijl, H.W. (author), Zhang, Kouchi (author)
This study presents the design and fabrication of an in-package relative humidity sensor for epoxy molding compound (EMC) packages. The sensor comprises shielded interdigital electrodes (SIDE) for in-situ monitoring of humidity absorption/desorption in the package encapsulation layer. A novel approach is employed in the device fabrication to...
conference paper 2023
Inamdar, A.S. (author), Gromala, Przemyslaw Jakub (author), Prisacaru, Alexandru (author), Kabakchiev, Alexander (author), Yang, Yu Hsiang (author), Han, Bongtae (author)
Epoxy molding compound (EMC) is widely used for encapsulating automotive electronics. Among all of the components of an electronic package, EMC is most exposed to the atmosphere, and thus undergoes aging. During high-temperature operation, EMC is oxidized, which alters its mechanical properties, and thus can affect the reliability of electronic...
book chapter 2022
Sadeghinia, M. (author)
Thin layers of dissimilar materials are used in most microelectronic components in order to achieve special functional requirements. Generally, the interface between two adjacent materials forms a weak link, not only because of the relatively low delamination strength, but also because of the existing mismatch in thermo-mechanical properties,...
doctoral thesis 2013