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Vlietstra, N. (author), Shan, J. (author), Castel, V. (author), Youssef, J.B. (author), Bauer, G.E.W. (author), Van Wees, B.J. (author)
The effective field torque of an yttrium-iron-garnet (YIG) film on the spin accumulation in an attached platinum (Pt) film is measured by the spin-Hall magnetoresistance (SMR). As a result, the magnetization direction of a ferromagnetic insulating layer can be measured electrically. Experimental transverse and longitudinal resistances are well...
journal article 2013
Verduijn, J. (author), Tettamanzi, G.C. (author), Lansbergen, G.P. (author), Collaert, N. (author), Biesemans, S. (author), Rogge, S. (author)
In this letter, we describe the observation of the interference of conduction paths induced by two donors in a nanoscale silicon transistor, resulting in a Fano resonance. This demonstrates the coherent exchange of electrons between two donors. In addition, the phase difference between the two conduction paths can be tuned by means of a magnetic...
journal article 2010
Dekker, C. (author), Arts, A.F.M. (author), De Wijn, H.W. (author), Kjems, J.K. (author)
journal article 1987