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Dushatskiy, A. (author)
Recently great achievements have been obtained with Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods including human-level performance in such challenging areas as image processing, natural language processing, computational biology, and game playing. Arguably, one of the most societally important application fields of such methods is healthcare. <br/>AI is...
doctoral thesis 2023
Hoogenboom, Iwan (author)
Solutions to many real-life optimization problems take a long time to evaluate. This limits the number of solutions we can evaluate. When optimizing with an Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) a frequently used approach is to approximate the objective using a surrogate function, replacing the time-consuming real evaluation. This surrogate model is...
master thesis 2022
Rueda, José L. (author), Erlich, Istvan (author)
Mean-Variance Mapping Optimization (MVMO) belongs to the family of evolutionary algorithms, and has proven to be competitive in solving computationally expensive problems proposed in the Icompetitions CEC2014, CEC2015, and CEC2016. MVMO can tackle such problems by evolving a set of solutions (population based approach) or a single solution ...
conference paper 2018